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As a community born in virtual environment, we will on the way forward to operationalizing digital self-determination throughout 3 main fields:
1-maker actions
2-participatory culture
3-movement of peer to peer development
+ via many general aspects (legal norms, social responsibility, open practices, generative practices and so on).
As a concept, we would adopt methods from many sources -to name a few:
- permissionless economy
- sociocracy 3.0
- commons based peer production
- circular economy
- distributed cooperative organizations
- co-workers cooperative
- platform cooperatives
As a responsible actor, we are introducing our own policies
(harmonize with some institutional methods also, not only with maker movements
or peer to peer economy principles
Parallel, according to the economical context and our local perspectives:
we are utilizing and developing our strategies.
We are pleased to welcome your contribution in that construction process -
details find these pages also!


A framework which contains formal and informal activities:the processes controlled by qualified contents,the methods/datas driven by validated sources.

Fields of actual development:

Plan ofEqual-GrowthStrategyWhite Paper
Önerő EsélyeinekNöveléséértWhite PaperStratégia
Önerő EsélyeinekNöveléséértBlue PaperTaktika
worker-ownedAssociationFirm via FrameworkAssembly creation
pre-definedFrameworkStructural summaryOperationalized


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...Presents the participatory culture at work
(via linked content)

marketed actions

  • Specialisation takes what needs work to make exchanges in economic environment.

  • Facultation makes what needs more development than routine actions.